25 April 2008

Update Misinterpratation

I'm having loads of clients lately with games that freeze on their system. This is frequently solved with a simple automatic update which any console does when connected online, but a client usually misinterprets what an update really is. Here is a simple example:

Client: I have this PS3 and when I play a game normally say 'Assassin's Creed'... at certain times it freezes.
Me: Is your console connected to the Internet?
Client: No.
Me: No problem its just a simple update sir, I'll do it myself for you.
Client: Update? What's that? I just purchased this 2 weeks ago and you're telling me it's already out-of-date? You should be ashamed of yourself!
Me: Sir, updates are important to keep the console "Healthy" and always up to date with latest software. Also you can have more features in your console.
Client: But I still don't understand how this 'thing' does not have the latest update. In my opinion your company is not professional; You're importing expired stuff.
Me: The update got released this week...
Client: Whatever... hurry since I have my car double parked!

*me bangs head against wall*