22 May 2008

Hello? Hello??

A lady bought a cordless phone from us last week. The next day she came complaining that her phone wasn't working. We checked it out and found that it was working properly.

The next day she showed up again and ended up arguing with my boss. They decided that the best thing to do is to send someone at her house.

The 'repair guy' connected the phone and when he picked up the handset and dialed a number he heard a message on the phone:

"Please top-up your EasyLine account to make further calls."

20 May 2008

Date Of Birth Please

I recently had a call from a customer that needed some help with his console registration. Once a console is registered (via Serial Number) on their official website, goodies, newsletters and 'points' are given to the user.

The registration usually asks for the User details. The client was confused whether he should type in his actual Date of Birth or the Console's Date of Birth.

Apparently he was going to enter today's date as the console was 'born' today.

19 May 2008

Mmm... Wrong Size

I just had a client that came here to update his console.

While the update was in progress the client asked me what time the TV section usually opens. I promptly replied "At 4.00pm, Sir".

Apparently the client wanted to check about a TV. He wanted to know if a 32" LCD would fit in a 30" space. Hope he meant the other way round ;P

14 May 2008

Poor Excuses

I'm having loads of clients that come here with their consoles to be checked. If it is a faulty machine, we usually replace the system for free (if it's still under warranty) but we need a warranty certificate or at least a proof-of-purchase to do so. I'm pretty frustrated with customers giving out poor excuses that they might have lost it while shifting from one place to another or that it should be in a box in the garage or somethin.

Oh come on... can you please change the music and try to find a better excuse. It's a warranty for cryin' out loud, YOU SHOULD TAKE CARE OF IT!

I had six/seven clients this week stating the above.

7 May 2008

Cover Version

Don't ever ask for a Book, DVD, Game, etc... by describing what the cover looks like. Just had a client asking for a PS2 game 'which has a guy holding a gun on the cover'. ¬_¬
Results: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 etc...

Jesus!? Is it that hard to remember a frikin' title?