26 July 2010

Crystal Clear

A customer passed by the shop this morning, complaining that he purchased an LCD earlier this week, but his picture isn't as clear as the one we have on display. He stated that we are 'tricking' customers in buying these TVs as these aren't as clear as they are in the shop once you connect them at home. I told him there's no gimmick as we have Blu-Ray films playing here in crystal clear 1080p... but I was promptly interrupted by the client's angry voice... 'YEAH OK... AND I HAVE AN AERIAL RECEPTION, SO WHAT??

24 July 2010

Elle See Dee

I love it when customers believe they are clever by asking something technical but eventually get the wording all wrong.  Just had one asking for an 'LSD 100HD'.

23 July 2010

Terms of Agreement?

Here's another example of a typical dumbass client:

A client called in this morning, panicking that she bought a game 'Mario Kart Super Galaxys 2', as soon she inserted the disc in the console many 'letters' came up, ending with an "I Agree" button. She was baffled whether or not she should press the button. o_0

Eventually, I persuaded her to press the god damn button, as if it would self-destruct the console if she did the wrong move.  She told me that there is another problem though after that.. her exact words were: "What shall I do now? It's telling me to Please Wait!!"

I hung up...

19 July 2010

Trixy Mixin'

I just love it when I take time to prepare a DJ set; constructed with tunes that are related to a specific genre, has seamless harmonic transitions, and a smooth progression from one track to another, thinking I'm bringing a harmonious underground vibe to the club, and then a girl in her late teens comes near the box and shouts 'PUT SOME AKON ON!!!!!'..... oh I just love it...

...and then I ask myself:
'Why am I still doing this... ?  (oh yeah.. I'm broke)'

14 July 2010

Top Up

A customer just used the word 'top up' in reference to a chipped/bricked/modded PlayStation 2 Console.

Example: "Don't worry about it, my PS2 isn't topped up!"

13 July 2010

PS3 Changer

A client came with a PlayStation 3 console worried that the machine is not working and not reading any discs. He also stated that a disc is stuck inside and he couldn't eject it.

I switched on the mistreated console, pushed the eject button, nothing happened, so I decided to dig in and pull out the disc manually. About 20 minutes later, with the help of a ruler laying on my desk, I managed to eject a total of 7 different Barney DVDs.