26 March 2008

Notebooks vs Laptops

Client: Can you help us out with some Laptops please?
Me: Sure... we got this [Specs Here], this [Specs Here] and also this
Client: But these arn't Laptops, these are Notebooks!
Me: er... I'm sorry?
Client: These are Notebooks! I'm not searching for Notebooks. Do you have any Laptops?
Me: Erm.... I'm really sorry sir but we only stock Notebooks

25 March 2008

Déjà vu

As I was editing my new, cool and hip Avatar on Paint.net, a 7-Year old boy with his hood still on rushes in, pauses in the middle of the store, looks around, then shouts 'Did I come here?' with a confused look.

We couldn't help but laugh out loud.

24 March 2008


One of the many words which is hard to pronounce apparently is Genji.
Pronounced incorrectly:

Not just your standard Samurai... Genius Samurai's!


So here we go…

As a sales representative, I deal with tons and tons of clients. Here, I list the dumb stuff I usually come across at work. This may be updated daily, monthly or yearly, depending on the average idiotic customer. Unless I get promoted (yeah right) or fired (more like it), I’ll make sure I’ll keep a log of every single idiotic event I’ll experience. This can start from the now then famous ‘Nintendo Why’; to a client showing me his/her thumb and index finger as a reply after I inquired what size of Sony Memory Stick does he/she want.

A post may contain a minimum of one phrase (or quote) to an entire conversation (no real names will be mentioned). I usually don’t keep any logs of any events, but I am willing to keep this as something to look back in the future. I hope I don’t offend anyone (read disclaimer on the right), remember:

The Customer Is Always Right (unfortunately)