19 June 2008

Giving Up

I hate it when you have to give up on a client just so he can state he is right (although he/she is so so SOOOOO wrong) before leaving (usually without purchasing anything).

This happens a lot in my work place, say today; A client asked me about a specific game which its release date is still unknown as of today. The client kept on rambling that he's 100% sure that the game is out (damn you teasers!) and he was not determined to leave until I agreed with him. I have proof, I know I'm right but I also know things could get worse if I disagree, so eventually...

...I give up and let him win... again :(

I hate it!

2 June 2008

No. 1 Resident Evil Fan!!

This happened to me some time ago...

A guy came to my office for some small setting on his PS2 and while we were talking he asked me if any new Resident Evil game is coming out. I told him the next installment will be on PS3 next year. He said that he was the BIGGEST Resident Evil fan in the country, he kept saying that he played all games, bla bla bla... and continued babbling for around 15 min.

As I am a Resident Evil fan, I asked him "Did you like Resident Evil 4?"
He promptly replied "Oh my God! There's a Resident Evil 4?"
I answered "It came out almost 2 years ago!" >.<