17 April 2008

Progress?! What be that?!

This occured in April '07 close to the PlayStation 3 Launch.

Me: Hello, how can I help you?
Client: I'd like some information on the PS3 please.
Me: Sure thing, next-gen PlayStation, Blu-Ray, HDD, Internet, bla bla bla... Backwards Compatibility.
Client: Oh, it takes PS2 and PS1 games also?!
Me: Yep.
Client: So the PS2 takes PS3 games also?
Me: No, Sir. PS2 games work on the PS3.
Client: What do you mean they don't work on the PS2?!
Me: Exactly what I said. Why would they release a PS-T-H-R-E-E if the games were compatible with the PS2?
Client: Oh that's bullshit! They are just making fun of people! Why wouldn't PS3 games work on a PS2?!
Me: But its much more powerful technology, the PS2 couldn't handle the games AT ALL.
Client: Oh don't give me these excuses, they just want to make more money off of people's backs!
Me: (trying to explain as calmly as I can what's the difference between the two)
Client: This is a travesty bla bla bla... bla.
Me: Yes! You're right! I totally understand your point. They're all thieves! Probably if you try to put a PS3 game in a PS2 it would work if not for some trickery from Sony!
Client: I'm glad we're seeing eye to eye on this matter. You should tell your boss about it!
Me: Yes Sir, I'll let him know immediately.
Client: Thanks, bye.
Me: Cheers!

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